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Hanoi City Tours

Coming to Hanoi capital, visitors will immediately feel the bustle of life, the diversity of cuisine and the rich culture, history, and friendliness of the Hanoians.
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Hanoi Coffee Class

You learn all the secret tips making typical coffee drinks in Vietnam as well as the stories behind each drink. First you are making coffee with the most typical coffee filter in Vietnam – Phin filter with two kinds of beans: Arabica and Robusta.
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Hanoi Cooking Class

Under the introduction of the tour guide, you will learn some basic keywords of the Vietnamese when purchasing goods in the local market. After that, you will be provided a list of courses in the cooking class and all necessary ingredients should be prepared.
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Hanoi Foodie Tours

We started our mission – to introduce the Vietnam local flavor to the world and help tourists to “eat like a true Vietnamese” by launching Amazing Hanoi to offer international visitors an amazing food and cultural exploration.
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Hanoi Private Tours

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