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Four Seasons And Delicious Specialties Of Hanoi

Hanoi cuisine is very diverse and sophisticated, containing many beauty and cultural meanings of Trang An people. In every season, Hanoi cuisine also has certain changes to suit the weather. For example, the summer people often enjoy cool sweet lotus tea, the winter fish meatball La Vong and in the autumn season, Hanoians enjoy young rice in Vong village.

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Hanoi specialties from January to March – Spring

In January to March is a great time to enjoy the traditional dishes of the Hanoi people because this is time very close to the national traditional Tet. Fat meat, pickled onions, banh chung, spring rolls or thi dong meat and sticky rice … are rustic but attractive dishes in the Lunar New Year’s tray of Hanoi people.

Besides wandering to see the streets of spring, visiting a roadside restaurant and ordering a bowl of Hanoi noodle soup or bun cha is more wonderful. In the spring weather still cold, a bowl of noodles, a bowl of vermicelli still hot with pepper, spicy chilli will make visitors feel extremely excited. Bun Cha Ha Noi is a dish often mentioned in Hanoi food tours.

Specialities Hanoi April to June – Summer

From the end of April, the sky in Hanoi starts to come to the summer with hot heat. The summer months in Hanoi have many great specialities, especially the “reign” of summer heat dishes.

The famous cold ice cream of Hanoi City such as Trang Tien ice cream and Thuy Ta ice cream is a great choice to relieve the summer heat. Besides, lotus seed tea, dessert wading in water and tofu are also very delicious snacks that visitors can find anywhere on the streets of Hanoi. Also, if you visit West Lake, don’t forget to enjoy West Lake shrimp cakes. The fried yellow pancakes are made with powder coated with shrimps, eaten with sweet and sour sauce, with very attractive pickled vegetable will make visitors remember forever.

Specialties when traveling Hanoi in July to September – Fall

Autumn Hanoi has many specialties that visitors can freely choose. Most typical is still the “gift of the autumn” – Vong village young rice. Green rice in Vong village is a very famous specialty in Hanoi when each fall comes. The glutinous rice still young and green is collected and processed into sweet and fragrant yong rice. Com is wrapped in lotus leaves, adding delicious flavor of com. Com is a popular gift that is reminded a lot on Hanoi street food tour. People who visits Hanoi in the fall, do not forget to buy some young rice as gifts to send a little taste and image of Ha Thanh to relatives and friends.

Autumn is also the beginning of cold weather, while the roadside shops to enjoy the grilled fermented pork and hot pancakes are also a great thing. The delicious skewers of grilled meat in the streets, or banh mi with delicious and crunchy flavours are also “dominant” dishes in the fall.

Specialties October to December – Winter

The winter months with cold numb weather, eating hot and spicy dishes is the most interesting. Cha Ca La Vong, Thanh Tri rolls or bun thang are all “typical” of the cold months of Hanoi. In addition, grilled corn, hot sticky rice are also very rustic, familiar but very delicious Hanoi street food that tourists should not miss.

The cold, crowded winter days with friends around the rich, delicious hot and hot pot is also a great suggestion. Tourists can visit hot pot shops in Hanoi to order a favorite hotpot such as Rib cartilage hotpot, beef hotpot, chicken hotpot, etc. Eating hot pot does not necessarily have fun new people “enough capacity”, there are many meals for two people, three people for you choose.

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Hanoi cuisine is very diverse with the harmony and interference of cuisine of three regions. It can be said that Hanoi is a big food center of the whole country when all the tastes of all regions in the country are gathered. Let’s explore the culinary specialties of this capital land through this article!

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